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We understand that some things do not have a price and reputation is one of these. A reputation can take years to build but can be destroyed overnight.  If you find yourself in a situation where untruths are made about you or your company, you should not sit back and let the reputation you have worked so hard to build be compromised.

Our solicitors are able to provide you with specific advice and support as to the best course of action to adopt that ensures that you achieve a satisfactory outcome to your matter and safeguards your reputation.

In order to bring a claim for defamation you must prove that somebody has published a defamatory statement to a third party that refers to you or your company. A defamatory statement can be of two different types: libel or slander. Put briefly, libel covers permanent publications such as written allegations, allegations broadcast on television or radio, and publications on the Internet. Slander refers to spoken words or gestures which are by their very nature of a temporary form.

There are two key elements needed to bring a claim for defamation: identification and publication. Again, put briefly, identification means that the defamatory statement must identify you as the individual concerned. A claim may be brought if you have not been specifically named but some form of reference is essential. Publication means that the statement must be communicated to at least one other person. This can take many forms such as email, a letter or merely placing something in a public place.

A claim for defamation must normally be brought within one year of the defamatory statement being made.

There are various defences that can often be relied upon such as justification, fair comment, privilege, consent, innocent dissemination, and accord and satisfaction.

We are often able to act for our clients on a no win, no fee basis. For information about the procedure of bringing a claim please see our guide on the claim process.

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