Free Template Section 1 Statement

Free Template Section 1 Statement – Microsoft Word

As of 6 April 2020, all employers have a legal obligation under the Employment Rights Act 1996 to provide their employees and workers (who will be engaged for at least one month) with a written statement of employment particulars. This is often referred to as a “Section 1 statement”.

A Section 1 statement sets out the key terms and conditions of the relationship between the employee/worker and employer.

Legislative changes in April 2020 mean that any workers or employees now have the right to receive a Section 1 statement on or before their start date. Section 1 statements will now also need to include more information than previously required. There are key particulars or details which Section 1 statements must now contain, in order to comply with the changes to the law.

Here is a free template of a Section 1 statement set out as a letter in Microsoft Word format, comprising all of the key particulars which must now be provided by employers in one, single document. This template is suitable for use for employees only. If you would like a written statement suitable for use with workers, please contact us via the online form below. Please note this is a basic template which is intended to be used as a guide only. It is not a substitute for proper, tailored legal advice.

Our expert solicitors in the Employment Team are on hand to assist you in drafting Section 1 statements and tailoring the provisions of this template to fit the role (part-time or full time, office or remote work, hourly/annually paid, holiday, etc), and/or drafting more detailed contracts of employment which contain additional clauses to best protect employer’s interests and to clearly set out the employee’s duties. Our team can advise on additional clauses and drafting which can offer employers enhanced protection, such as bespoke restrictive covenants or strong confidentiality clauses to protect the company’s commercial interests, or more detailed benefit provisions, to define schemes and incentives for employees. We can prepare a basic personalised section 1 statement tailored to your business starting from £500 plus VAT. We have indicated within the statement which clauses are additional and which information can be provided by employers at a later date, if preferred.

We would strongly advise that you seek specific advice on the Section 1 statement before finalising, as it will form the basis of a binding contract between you and the worker/employee and is a key document governing the working relationship. It is vital for both parties to fully understand their obligations under the contract, and to ensure any contract meets your business and legal needs.

If you are looking for advice on the Section 1 statement and/or to have a long form and detailed contract of employment drafted, please contact us today for a free quotation by calling either our LondonHigh Wycombe or Marlow offices, by emailing: or by completing the short online form below.

All information is true as at the date of preparing this article. Please always consult the latest legislation or government guidance for accurate information.

This template does not constitute legal advice and acts as basic outline only. Expert advice should always be taken, to ensure the contract covers your business needs and is suitably tailored. The contract is the foundation of the employment relationship, so it is prudent to seek legal advice before implementing terms.

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