Settlement secured in interrelated claims for professional negligence and for breach of duty of a trustee under a life insurance scheme

Our Lee Silk and Jack Plummer were recently successful in securing a confidential settlement for our client in her two interrelated claims stemming from the complex financial settlement agreed during her divorce. Curzon Green acted on the basis of a Conditional Fee Agreement (‘no win, no fee’).

The first claim was brought against the international firm of solicitors who acted during the course of our client’s divorce, owing to their negligence in failing to protect her interests, leading to our client being deprived of a substantial lump sum benefit. A second claim was brought against a trustee of a life insurance scheme, for its negligence and breach of duty in failing to exercise reasonable skill and care, when it failed to account for our client’s nomination as a beneficiary under the scheme (agreed as part of her divorce settlement).

Extensive pre-action correspondence was exchanged but liability remained disputed, ultimately leading to proceedings being issued against both parties. Settlement negotiations ensued with the parties, with settlement eventually being reached at the eleventh hour before our client’s summary judgment application was to be heard. Settlement was agreed on favourable terms to our client, adequately compensating for her losses and making suitable provision for her legal costs.

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