Judgment in Unlawful Eviction Claim

Acting on a no-win-no-fee basis, Curzon Green secured a judgment for their client in an unlawful eviction claim against his former landlord. The landlord had evicted the Claimant one month into his tenancy, without giving any notice. The total damages awarded by the Court came to a five-figure sum and included damages under the Housing Act for failing to protect the tenant’s deposit, damages for stress and anxiety, aggravated damages, loss of earnings, and compensation for the cost of having to arrange expensive emergency accommodation. The Court has also ordered the Defendant to pay the Claimant’s costs in full.

The case is a warning for landlords that it is essential to follow the correct statutory procedures when seeking possession of a property. Curzon Green are able to assist landlords in obtaining possession legally and can also take on tenant’s cases where the law has not been followed.