Settlement agreed and approved in child personal injury claim

Our solicitors were successful in securing a settlement for a young child following a finger injury. The child had been in the care of a childminder when his finger was caught in a heavy door, causing the tip to become partially detached. The fingertip was thankfully reattached following emergency surgery. Our solicitors, acting for the child’s mother on the basis of a conditional fee agreement, advanced a negligence claim against the childminder’s insurer. Liability was quickly admitted and we were able to negotiate a settlement that included compensation for the child’s pain and suffering, as well as the parents’ loss of earnings and increased childcare costs resulting from the incident. The settlement has now been approved by the Court.

Curzon Green Solicitors are happy to assist with child personal injury claims and can often do so on a no-win-no-fee basis. The claims procedure can be quite lengthy, as it is necessary for the child’s injury to settle and the prognosis to become clear. Any settlement on behalf of a child also has to be approved by the Court. Damages awarded in favour of children are generally required to be held in an account that can only be accessed by the child after they have turned 18, or paid into the Court Funds Office.