Student Visas and Universities

There are two main types of student categories under the Immigration Rules which govern the granting of visas to international students studying in the UK. 

The first category is for students who want to come to the UK to study aged 16 or older on a course of further or higher education. Students wishing to study in this category need to obtain a Student Visa in accordance with Appendix Student of the Immigration Rules.

The other main category is for child students aged between 4 and 17 who come to study at an independent school in the UK. This category requires that the student has a valid Child Student Visa which can be obtained if the immigration requirements are met in Appendix Child Student of the Immigration Rules.  Students on both Student Visas and Child Student Visas must be sponsored by an education provider that holds a Student Sponsor Licence. If you are an education provider and want to know more about being a sponsor, click here.

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