Specialist Solicitors For The Recruitment Sector

We have a specialist employment law and litigation team who are experienced in assisting and advising SMEs, in particular recruitment agencies like yours.

The recruitment industry is booming with high levels of employment and an increase in the number of start-ups. With a move to digitalisation, social media and ‘on the go’ recruitment trends on the rise, the need for your recruitment company to be aware of its rights and how to best protect its business is unprecedented. We fully understand these opportunities and challenges.

Our team of employment and recruitment law specialists are well versed in advising established recruitment businesses and start-ups on their statutory duties, commercial considerations and inevitably, what to do when things go wrong – employees stealing confidential information, poaching your best recruiters, soliciting your key clients, or other matters which can seriously harm your business:

  • Has your organisation put an appropriate data protection measure in place? With this being a heavily regulated area following the introduction of the GDPR, compliance with the same is vital. This is key as recruitment agencies will often hold a large amount of data on companies engaged and contractors.
  • Are your employment contracts well drafted? It is imperative that any contracts are compliant with current legislation to protect your business.
  • Are your restrictive covenants enforceable? If not, you may risk your former employees soliciting or poaching your candidates, clients and/or your employees.
  • Caselaw has shown that covenants need to be tailored to the business at the time the employee signs up to the contract and that covenants need to be reviewed as the business changes and/or employee is promoted. Is your business compliant with the Agency Workers’ Regulations, the Equality Act 2010, IR35 and other statutory provisions?
  • Have you got unpaid invoices and fees which need to be recovered? A credit problem could be seriously harmful to your accounts. We have a specialist dispute resolution team on hand assist in the recovery of unpaid debts. Our success rate is at least 90%.

Business solutions tailored to your recruitment agency:

  • Drafting and reviewing terms and conditions of engagement/employment contracts – both for clients and contractors
  • Advice on Agency Workers’ Regulations, IR35 and other legislation
  • Business protection advice
  • Employment Tribunal Claims
  • Advice on employment status
  • Advice on injunctions and breach of obligations
  • Negotiating agreements for outsourcing
  • Disciplinary and grievance advice
  • Restrictive covenant, social media and breach of confidentiality matters
  • Advice on a range of commercial issues including commercial and service agreement.

Our specialist experience and understanding of the recruitment sector differentiates us from our competition. Our team are on hand to provide commercial, clear advice, assistance, support and guidance through your matter(s).

Our team takes the time to get to know you and your business and offers commercial solutions.

Please contact us today for a free no obligation discussion by calling either our LondonMarlow or High Wycombe offices or by email:  employment@curzongreen.co.uk