Rights of Way

Arguments over rights of way, boundary disputes with neighbours and difficulties arising in connection to lost Title Deeds can be particularly stressful as these issue are, by their nature, so close to home.

With boundary disputes, at Curzon Green Solicitors we understand that whilst it is important to protect your legal rights, it is equally important to find an amicable solution where possible in order to try to maintain civil relations with your neighbours. This is not only because disputes of this nature can become protracted and prove very expensive if the matter ends up at Court, but also because you may have to live next door to one another for many years to come.

With experts in this area in both the Property and Litigation departments you can rest assured that at Curzon Green Solicitors your case will be handled by solicitors with experience of resolving neighbour disputes; whether the issue simply involves overhanging trees or bushes, or the more complex matters such as trespass or the determination of a boundary line.

We also can assist with applications you for the “reconstitution” of lost title deeds at the Land Registry. Whilst the ownership of the majority of properties in England and Wales are now recorded in a central database stored at the Land Registry, for some properties (particularly those that have not been sold or remortgaged in the last 20 years) the old bundle of Title Deeds remains the key proof of ownership.

It is therefore potentially catastrophic if those Deeds are lost or destroyed. However, there is a solution. Our solicitors have extensive experience of reconstituting lost Title Deeds on behalf of banks and individuals to enable the owner’s entitlement to be recorded at the Land Registry even when the Title Deeds have been lost or destroyed.

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