Pro-Bono Representation

Pro bono representation is another way Curzon Green can facilitate your legal claim. This is work which we do not charge for and is offered to those who are vulnerable in society and have no other means of funding a claim. We can offer our expertise and practical advice where possible to ensure that individuals have access to justice regardless of their financial position.

What are Pro Bono Costs Orders?

Pro bono costs orders are a type of order made by the courts which acknowledges that a party has received pro bono representation. The effect is that the litigant receiving pro bono representation can recover costs from the other side which would have been incurred had they been paying fees. These costs are then directed to the Access to Justice Foundation, who use the funds to further facilitate and encourage the development of pro bono nationally. It is a valuable system which enables the court to recognise party’s financial positions whilst ensuring that pro bono representation receives the support it needs to have a sustainable, promising future.

Curzon Green Solicitors also features on the Law Society’s Pro Bono Panel which brings together law firms across the UK with a common aim of giving back to the community, to work towards development and expansion of pro bono schemes.  

If you have any queries about pro bono representation, please call our London or High Wycombe offices on the numbers at the top of this page, or email We will always get back to you.

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