Handbooks and Policies

A key consideration for all businesses (from start-ups to SMEs and large established companies) is having comprehensive HR policies and procedures in place. A HR compliance suite is needed to safeguard business interests and those of your employees. Making sure that your employees are aware of the standards you require of them is also invaluable in ensuring a constructive and balanced employer-employee relationship going forward.

Correctly implementing and following such policies demonstrates a commitment to your legal obligations and may do well to reduce the likelihood of future Employment Tribunal claims as well as lay the groundwork for fruitful employment relationships.

At Curzon Green, we understand the need for clear and straightforward procedures and can provide tailored advice to ensure that your business is protected. We can support your business when implementing or updating policies and can advise on the additional policies you may need to help with risk management.

Key considerations

  • Do you have a written health and safety procedure? Following recent changes in the law, it is mandatory where you have 5 or more employees.
  • Do you have a data protection and security policy in place? Following the implementation of the GDPR employers have an ongoing duty to provide information to your employees about their personal data, the type of data that is collected and how it is used. This policy should also outline measures taken to protect employees’ personal data.  
  • Are your employees provided with a privacy notice when they commence work? Having a well drafted privacy notice in place will help ensure you are GDPR compliant.
  • Do you have a well drafted grievance and disciplinary procedure? This is imperative as you could pay an additional 25% (compensation) in Tribunal claims for failing to follow the correct procedure.
  • Do you regularly review and update your policies? Doing so can ensure compliance with any changes to the law, clarity and lower the risk of costly Tribunal claims at a later date.
  • Are your policies correctly implemented? It is imperative that your business is able to follow such procedures to protect its interests and reduce the likelihood of future claims. Knowing and following your procedures may do well to boost your reputability amongst the workforce.
  • Do you require bespoke policies and procedures? There are a number of additional sector-specific policies which we can assist in drafting and advising upon. These are non-exhaustive and include:
  • Email and internet usage
  • Social media policies
  • Performance policies
  • Misconduct procedures
  • Anti-bribery policies

What we can offer

  • HR compliance suite and advice, including:
  • Health and safety procedure
  • Equal opportunities policy
  • Performance management policy
  • Data protection policy
  • Sickness policy
  • Family related policies
  • Flexible working policy 
  • Training opportunities for HR personneland key employees led by our experienced and approachable Employment Law team
  • Seminars tailored to you and your employees to ensure that your business is fully protected
  • Advice on HR, disciplinary and grievance hearings, employee consultations and a range of other issues
  • Audits on existing policies and advice on any changes needed
  • Advice on updating and implementing policies and procedures

Why us?

Our focused and straightforward approach sets us aside. We consider both the legal requirements and the nature of the business to provide flexible, forward-thinking and bespoke solutions which protect your business.

Our experienced team are on-hand to provide your business with commercial advice, support and guidance. Please contact us today for more information and we look forward to being of assistance.

Please contact us today for a free no obligation discussion by calling either our LondonMarlow or High Wycombe offices or by email: employment@curzongreen.co.uk