Free Will if legacy left for Charity

The chosen charity which we support at present is named African Village Support, and was established in Great Kingshill by Marie Cates who had travelled to Uganda many times to teach and assist there.

The charity focuses upon a village named Muyembe in an extremely rural area of Uganda.  We think what they achieve is wonderful!  The small charity raises funds of around £100,000 each year and the money stretches a long way. Approximately 50 children are sponsored to attend school who otherwise could not afford to go (education is only effectively free in Uganda up to the age of 11), a girls’ hostel is provided for girls who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn, ante natal education and mama bags are provided to expectant mothers, a Community Centre is provided for the local community and help is offered to the most vulnerable members of the community.  

If you agree with us that the charity is a great set-up for a good cause and wish to support the efforts of either charity then providing you leave a legacy of at least £1,000 in your Will to the charity we will happily write your Will for free. 

At present we are focusing our support purely on the efforts of just African Village Support, and cannot consider other free Will requests. 

Please contact us today for a free no obligation consultation by calling either our LondonMarlow or High Wycombe offices or by email: