Flowchart of key steps when buying or selling a house

Buying a property

 You instruct us to act for you in relation to your property purchase  
We provide you with our terms of business and request from you:
         – Signed Instruction Form
         – Completed Client Info Form
         – ID
         – Money on account
We receive the draft contract of sale from the Seller’s solicitors and provide you with advice on this 

We request searches on the property
(if applicable)
We raise any enquiries with Seller’s solicitors 
We receive a response to the searches
(if applicable)
We receive a mortgage offer from your mortgage company
(if applicable)
We receive replies to enquiries from Seller’s solicitors 
We send you a mortgage pack (including mortgage deed) to sign and return to us We send you the contract to sign and return to us 
We receive signed mortgage deed back from youWe prepare a full legal report on the property detailing the results of our investigationsWe receive the signed contract back from you 
We receive deposit monies from you to fund the purchase
(if applicable)
We arrange a completion date with the Seller’s solicitors on your behalf 
We prepare a draft Transfer document for approval by the Seller’s solicitors 
We apply for mortgage monies (if applicable)We apply for the pre-completion searches 
We receive the mortgage monies (if applicable) We receive clear searches 
 We receive from you the balance of
purchase monies
(if applicable)
and the property is formally purchased for you
 We complete and send on your behalf the Land Transaction Return form to Inland Revenue for stamp duty  
 We receive stamp duty certificate from the Inland Revenue  
 We apply to the Land Registry for you to be named as registered owners of the property  
 We receive confirmation of this registration from the Land Registry  
 We confirm this registration to you and mortgage lender
(if applicable)

Selling a property

 You instruct us to act for you in relation to your property sale 
 We provide you with our terms of business and request from you:
   – Signed instruction form
   – Completed Client Information Form
   – ID
   – Completed Fixtures and Fittings Form
     and Property Questionnaire
 We apply to the Land Registry for Office Copy Entries and prepare the draft contract on your behalf 
 We send the draft contract to the Buyer’s solicitors 
 We receive any enquiries from the Buyer’s solicitors and, if necessary, obtain your replies to these 
 We respond to the enquiries from the Buyer’s solicitors 
 Upon approval by the Buyer’s solicitors, we send you the approved contract to sign and return to us 
We receive the signed contract back from youWe receive completion date from the Buyer’s solicitors
 We receive from the Buyer’s solicitors a draft Transfer for approval 
 We approve the draft Transfer on your behalf 
 We send you the finalised Transfer for your signature 
 COMPLETION OCCURS and the property is formally sold for you 
 We pay Estate Agent’s fees connected to the sale 
 We account to you for any monies due from the sale of the property 

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