Employment Contracts

At Curzon Green we are able to review and advise on employment contracts for both employers and employees. Employment Law is constantly changing and therefore it is important to keep up to date. Our solicitors are ideally placed to provide you with expert legal advice for any problems you may be facing with a new or existing contract of employment. 

There is always a contract of employment between an employer and an employee – it need not be in writing (although if it is not then it is likely the employer has breached the employment legislation) and can be oral.

Where appropriate we can assist in negotiating more advantageous terms.

Please click here for more information on what must be provided to employees in a written statement of employment particulars and our firm’s free Section 1 Statement template, which can be used as a basic employment contract. Please note this template is a basic outline only and is not a substitute for proper, tailored legal advice. Our employment team can assist and advise how to significantly enhance our basic template including several optional clauses and adapting it to suit your business needs.

We also act when employment contract disputes arise. This can be when:

  • the terms of a contract are unclear;
  • the terms of an employment contract are breached;
  • if an employer wants to change the terms of a contract.

Please contact us today for a free no obligation discussion by calling either our LondonMarlow or High Wycombe offices or by email:  employment@curzongreen.co.uk