Dental Negligence

Negligence caused through the sub-standard performance of dental procedures can lead to long term medical complications. It is important that we have confidence in the ability of our dentists but this is not always the case, and occasionally we suffer from sub-standard care. If you feel as if this has been the case, we may be able to help recover the costs of the procedure and compensation for the damage incurred by it.

The kind of injury that may entitle you to compensation includes:

  • Sub-standard cosmetic dentistry
  • Crown and bridge procedures
  • Extractions
  • Implants
  • Root canal treatment
  • Wisdom teeth removal, and
  • Undiagnosed periodontal disease (gum disease)

We may also be able to help recover the costs of any unnecessary dental treatments that you may have been advised to undertake. This can include the use of private dental practitioners where the NHS may have covered treatment, but this information was not made apparent to you.

If your case is proven, you may be entitled to

  • Financial compensation for the initial operation,
  • Any loss of earnings you may have incurred,
  • Any out of pocket expenses,
  • The cost of any remedial treatment required to repair the damage done

We will refer to impartial expert advice from an experienced dentist, who will be able to give our team an opinion on the long and short term effects of the procedure, we can then give you a fully informed assessment of what your financial losses might amount to in the future.

Our team will fight tirelessly for your case; we are aware that dental professionals will fight hard in any case brought against them as they have their professional reputation to consider, so we will ensure that our team will fight as hard if not harder to win your case.

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