We have experience in acting in claims funded through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding has been cheered as a solution to the drop in public money available for all things from medical treatment to local welfare projects, and legal costs is no exception to this. 

All forms of crowdfunding rely on the same basic idea: that a large number of people each contribute a small (or in some cases large) amount of money to a cause, where the people behind that cause are unable to fund it privately themselves. Crowdfunding is not suitable for all types of cases and generally it attracts clients with means, who can engage with the public and have useful contacts. Part of the reason for this is the actual crowdfunding process is client-led, with the lawyer focusing on bringing the claim and perhaps occasionally updating the crowdfunding donors updated out of a sense of good ethics and good PR.

Currently the most high-profile crowdfunding site for legal costs is CrowdJustice and in order to run a successful campaign it is essential to have a realistic estimate of the likely costs of the matter at the outset. 

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