Change of Name Deeds

Whether it is a matter of making minor adjustments to one’s current name, reverting back to one’s maiden name or taking on a new name altogether we can assist you with this providing you are based in England. 

The law in England provides that everyone has a basic right to change their name to that which they wish, providing they are not seeking to defraud anyone as a result or achieve some other criminal objective. Nonetheless, most organisations undertandably require some formal documentation. A Change of Name Deed will achieve this. 

There’s almost always nothing to be gained by advertising one’s change of name by deed poll through the Royal Courts of Justice. Indeed the judiciary have criticised the very procedure because it puts on public record one’s previous and new names, which can among other things risking “outing” transgender people. The phrase “deed poll” has unhelpfully worked its way into common parlance, much like common-law husband/wife.

We can draft a Change of Name Deed, provide you with 20 certified copies (which most of the various organisations will need) and provide an explanatory letter of advice as to how to notify the various organisation (each has its own procedures) for the sum of £135 plus VAT (£162 in total).

Changing the name of minors can be slightly more complicated as the process requires the consent of all parties who have parental responsibility, but we can assist with this where necessary.

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