Business Disputes

Whilst the running of a business should ideally be devoid of emotion, when people are passionate about what they do, this is rarely the case. As such from time to time issues will arise that result in problems occurring both within the business, and with other companies and individuals.

When such problems arise, Curzon Green Solicitors can assist your business and help you in resolving these issues in a productive manner. This will ensure that the right solution is found so as to ensure that you can deal with the situation and carry on with what is important: running the business.

Our aim is to get you to the stage of settlement as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Our lawyers are highly experienced negotiators with experience in mediation, arbitration and adjudication. We have achieved results for our clients which often would not be achieved following lengthy litigation sometimes allowing business relationships to be preserved.

Our lawyers have acted for large multinational businesses to small enterprises. We aim to advise you early on of the merits of the case, the chances of success, how much it will cost you and how best to get you there!

We are often able to act on a no win, no fee basis.

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