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No-one wants to have to claim compensation. The need to seek damages always arises from difficult circumstances. You want to know where you stand.

No win, no fee agreements help you if you have suffered because of the actions of someone else. They provide you with an opportunity to claim compensation regardless of your financial circumstances.

A no win, no fee agreement (known technically as a Conditional Fee Agreement) means that in the event that your claim is unsuccessful you will not have to pay us anything for our work. If your case is won you will often receive 100% of your compensation and we will recover our legal costs from the other side. At Curzon Green we believe in the principle that an injured party should receive 100% of his compensation and we do not like to eat into that compensation with our legal costs. 

Curzon Green have never paid a referral fee and we rely simply upon our reputation and existing clients for our business. We are very open to talking to new potential clients and providing them with the information they need.

We are often able to arrange a funding package for the litigation which covers the client against all the financial risks of litigation including the risk of paying the other side's legal costs in the event that the litigation is unsuccessful. The risk of paying the other side's costs only occurs once court proceedings have been issued. Our solicitors have been among the pioneers of creative solutions for the funding of litigation and this has permitted us to represent a number of individuals who would otherwise have not been able to bring a claim despite having a good case.

The history of no win, no fee agreements
No win, no fee agreements were introduced by the government as part of a series of reforms in the late 1990's. They arrived at the same time that the government was making serious reductions to the legal aid budget in order to reduce the burden on the state. 

The rules relating to no win, no fee agreements changed on 1 April 2013 when the government changed the law so that the injured party's solicitors could not recover the success fee from the other side and had to recover it from their client.

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