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Horse riding is a dangerous sport, involving high speeds and unpredictable animals. Injuries from horse riding can vary from minor to major: from bruises and grazes to broken bones and spinal damage. Experienced riders know that accidents are common, and most riders or those who work with horses will suffer an injury at some point.

Examples of injuries that can occur include:
  • Being injured from the improper management of a horse or group of horses;
  • Being injured from the poor maintenance of equipment, including any part of the tack or riding helmets;
  • Being kicked or bitten by a horse;
  • Being injured from a fall, caused by improper training of the horse or from the actions of others which caused the horse to spook, rear, or buck;
  • Being injured whilst spectating at a horse event;
  • Riders being involved in road accidents.
Injuries can occur by accident when riding or working with horses, but sometimes injuries are due to someone’s negligence. If you have suffered an injury that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be able to make a compensation claim. Our solicitors are often able to act on a no win, no fee basis.

A personal injury claim, including those caused by horses or horse riding, needs to be dealt with promptly. There are strict time limits for making injury claims, meaning that Court proceedings must be issued within 3 years of you first being aware that you have suffered an injury.

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