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A head or brain injury can have a very severe and lasting impact on your life and those around you. The brain is one of the most vital parts of our body so when you suffer such an injury, the result can be relatively minor or it can be devastating.

There are many possible causes, including road traffic accidents, assaults, falls and accidents at home or at work. Brain damage can lead to both physical consequences and psychological problems. These can be detrimental to your work, your family life, your everyday living. Signs of a brain injury include lack of balance, blurred vision and changes in behaviour. The more serious the injury the more serious the long term effects are.

Who’s at fault?

The law is very complex when it comes to dealing with brain injuries so it is important that you instruct a firm that can progress your case as quickly as possible.
We will also commence legal proceedings where necessary in order to progress your case against the individual who caused the injury (the Defendant). Where the injury is a result of a criminal act, you can seek compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Please see here for more details.

How much will I receive?

We will obtain first class expert legal knowledge to help evaluate the severity of the brain injury sustained and to help us in determining the financial assistance you will need.
If your claim is successful then the Defendant will pay the agreed compensation which could include:

·         Compensation for the brain injury or head injury sustained
·         Loss of earnings caused
·         Funds to provide care, support and case management
·         The cost of specialist equipment, including a suitable property, aids and equipment and transport
·         Court of Protection costs, if a professional deputy is required
·         A periodical payment order (PPO), which is an annual, index linked, payment for life to cover future, year on year, items of expenditure such as care and case management.

For such a serious injury the compensatory award can reach millions of pounds.

We can normally act on a no win no fee basis. Please contact one of our litigation team to discuss your case by calling one of the two numbers referred to at the top of this page or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Personal Injury Team

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