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Our legal team has a wealth of experience in assisting claimants who have had an accident at their workplace to get their lives back on track. It may be possible for you to proceed with a claim on a  no win, no fee basis as with other personal injury claims. Please complete and return our Personal Injury Questionnaire and we will quickly provide you with a free initial assessment of your case. 

An employer has a legal duty to all of his employees to comply with all of the applicable health and safety regulations. This is to ensure that the work environment is safe for those who work there. The duty also takes into account the worsening of any existing conditions an employee may have, which is attributable to the workplace. Even when the accident may have been caused by a fellow colleague, it is ultimately the employer who has the responsibility to protect you from being harmed through vicarious liability.

However, when these regulations are not followed and an accident occurs due to defective equipment, unsafe working practices, inadequate risk assessments or even a combination of these, serious injuries can result from an employer's negligence. It is when these accidents occur, that we step in and guide you towards obtaining the compensation you rightfully deserve for the harm you have suffered. The compensation will vary as it is dependent on how serious the injury is. Understandably, an injury at work can be very distressing and you deserve to be able to move on with your life.

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