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In today’s world we rely on expert advice on an ever increasing scale. Generally, we are thankful for the advice and services we receive from the professionals we instruct.  Unfortunately, there may be a time when you find you have been let down and your life, wealth or property is threatened or damaged to the extent that you cannot ignore the situation. In this circumstance you need to seek the advice of a solicitor.

Whatever challenge you are facing, we can help you keep control of the situation.  We will advise on the best approach to advance and secure your interests – whether it be litigation, mediation or further discussion.  We will provide clarity of thought, firmness of purpose and cost-effectiveness.

All professionals owe a duty of care towards their clients. If a professional advisor makes a mistake, which no reasonable person in his position would have made, then they are likely to be in breach of his duty of care and consequently negligent.  If this is the case then you may be entitled to bring a claim for damages.

Our professional negligence departments are based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and the City of London. Our solicitors have successfully litigated claims in the High Court against solicitors and barristers, veterinarians, surveyors and estate agents, brokers and financial advisors, accountants and architects as well as acting on many smaller but still sizeable claims in the County Court.

Most professional advisers are obliged by their professional trade associations to carry insurance cover and as a result a claim against them is usually substantially paid for by their indemnity insurers. We are often able to act on a no win, no fee basis. For information about the procedure of bringing a claim please see our guide on the claim process.

Please contact us today for a free no obligation consultation by calling either our London, Marlow or High Wycombe offices on the telephone numbers referred to at the top of this page, or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will always get back to you.

Our Professional Negligence Team

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