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Here at Curzon Green Solicitors we understand that sometimes arguments arise over the boundary between pieces of land and that some are not as clear cut as others.

When do Boundary Disputes occur?
Disputes can occur with neighbors regarding ownership of a piece of land which may affect your home or business.

Boundaries may vary over time, and may have been affected by agreements with those who occupied the land before you. You may encounter further difficulty when relying on Land Registry maps. These are drawn generally and are not specific enough to refer to details of boundaries.

Boundary disputes may arise from any of the following:
  • overhanging foliage
  • overhanging house extensions
  • disagreements over boundary lines
  • determining who is responsible for fence maintenance
  • harassment
  • positioning of pipes and drains
  • positioning of fences
  • land registration
  • rights of way
  • trespass
  • repairs and responsibilities
  • surveyor disputes
  • adverse possession
What is a boundary?
Every piece of land and property has an exact legal boundary, which is an invisible line that divides one property from another.

The physical boundary is a feature such as a fence, wall or hedge. The physical boundary may or may not follow the line of the legal boundary. The problem lies when the physical boundary changes over time, for example a wooden fence that moves slightly every time it is replaced. This may consequently lead to a dispute.

How to resolve Boundary Disputes
Our litigation team bring a practical view to these matters as well as their legal expertise.

Our aim is to try to resolve these problems as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We are able to assist in reaching amicable agreement, by taking the advice of a joint boundary expert, attending a mediation, and conducting alternative dispute resolution. If it becomes necessary, our solicitors are also able to assist you in taking court action.

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