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Buying property for investment is increasingly popular. At Curzon Green Solicitors we will ensure your purchase goes as smoothly as possible and ensure you understand and are confident about your responsibilities when you become a landlord.

At Curzon Green, by guaranteeing that your file will be overseen by a fully qualified solicitor, you can rest assured that we will progress your transaction quickly and smoothly by only asking those questions that are relevant to a Buy to Let Transaction.

We are also able to advise you on your rights and responsibilities as a landlord and will assist you with every legal aspect of renting out your property from drafting a Tenancy Agreement to preparing such documents as Rent Demands and Notices to Quit. We are also able to assist you with any Court action that may be required to deal with a problem tenant.

When buying an investment property you will have two main considerations: (1) the anticipated rental income, and (2) the likelihood of good capital growth. Remember that there will be ongoing maintenance costs. You should consider areas where there is a high demand for rented accommodation. Towns with universities as well as big cities are likely to be good candidates. You should be cautious about buying in a place you know very little about. Self-management is not usually recommended unless you live very close to the property.

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