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"Curzon Green is a relatively new company but ECS has the confidence to say that they will have a long and prosperous future, if they continue to provide to their clients the same level of service that ECS has received.
ECS has previously engaged some of the top lawyers in this country and I can honestly say, without fear of contradiction, that Curzon Green beats any of the alternatives hands down.  They never miss a deadline because they work in partnership with their clients.
Rob Green and the team are extremely professional and manage to somehow transcend the normal lawyer-client relationship and stand beside you doubts and all.  There is always much needed humour and reassurance to be found in what are often tense and scary situations.

ECS has never known Curzon Green to miss a deadline, exceed a budget and as for specification, the only job specification for our solicitor is that they always win when we feel we are in right.  In our experience Curzon Green has always lived up to that particular specification having won 5 cases out of 5 for us to date.

ECS has every reason to continue to do business with Curzon Green particularly in the current marketplace where construction companies are constantly being threatened and short paid by their clients."
Mick Whyte
ECS Groundwork Limited – Watford

"From the start of my search for legal advice Curzon Green stood out from the competition.  Their approach was fresh, open, jargon-free and without initial charges for the initial exploratory conversation. I was looking for a different, collaborative means to sort my divorce, and Curzon Green's were well-qualified and experienced. Having engaged their services, he first explained the outline of the law in this area, and provided a clear structure of how to go forward to engage with my wife and her solicitor.

As with many legal issues, there were complications in my situation, which went beyond the law and stretched into financial areas, and here Curzon Green were able to put me in touch with one of their professional contacts in that field who could provide me with guidance on those matters, too.

Whilst always professional, Curzon Green have provided a relaxed atmosphere, in offices conveniently located, in which to discuss matters, and I have never felt rushed, nor unable to ask all the questions I needed.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much Curzon Green's experts were able to think outside the box and suggest different ways to tackle the roadblocks.  When the other side became intractable Curzon Green provided a concise and reasonable framework as to how to proceed, which proved helpful to resolving the issues. When things again became difficult and the other side presented "final" demands, Curzon Green brought in a barrister to reassure me of the strengths of the potential lines of my defence that could be used if the matter went to Court, which enabled me to hold out for a better settlement.

Curzon Green had a flexible approach to the timing and location of meetings which proved very helpful in keeping the case moving and having important conversations face to face rather than on the telephone or by email.

Even if I rang at short notice, it was clear that Curzon Green's staff had my case at their fingertips and could talk at short or no notice without having to refer to my file to refresh the facts. Above all, they were successful by helping me to find an agreeable solution to a difficult case, without the expense of a court battle.

Overall, Curzon Green have surpassed all expectations I had of solicitors, and dispelled many of the pre-conceptions I had of the profession. They have been flexible, thoroughly professional, reassuring and offered outstandingly good advice."
Mr F, High Wycombe

"Thanks, as always for your sound timely advice"
Senior Legal Counsel, US Company

"You have been fab!"
Vice President, UK & Europe, Household Name Restaurant

"As a first time buyer I did not have a clue about the conveyancing process.  My sister recommended me to Curzon Green Solicitors.  Curzon Green acted as my solicitors for the purchase.  They understood that I knew nothing about buying houses and so they talked and walked me step-by-step through the process.  

I am a teacher and so wasn't easily contactable during the 9 to 5 working day.  That didn't bother Curzon Green, who frequently made themselves available to speak to me after hours and knew to email me in the morning so I could reply during my lunch break, which meant that we were able to get to exchange quicker.  They were very friendly and efficient and I am now proudly settled into my home.

Moving house is supposed to be one of the most stressful things you can do in life.  My solicitors made it painless.  I would and frequently do recommend their services to anyone who will listen.  I sincerely hope and believe that Curzon Green have a long and prosperous future."
Miss Bradley
Head of Girls' P.E. at Chesham Grammar School

"I came to Rob Green having suffered a serious permanent spinal injury. This injury arose from circumstances where I had to make a claim for damages against a driver who had caused a car accident, the medical specialists who treated me and also a personal accident insurer (which was refusing to pay out on a life assurance policy).

Curzon Green won all the claims for me and the outcome has dramatically changed life for myself and my family. It has allowed us to relocate to the coast.

Rob was always available to answer any query I had and even went as far as lending me money when I was in a financially tight situation. I doubt if there is another solicitor in the country who would lend his clients money - solicitors are not known for their kindness!

Since the cases concluded Rob and the team have been there to answer queries which have arisen.

I can hand on heart say that had Rob not been there for me my life would be dramatically different."
Martin Scrivener
Former Car Mechanic

"Curzon Green is a professional, approachable and dependable small business. I found that Rob Green provided effective customer service with all my questions answered in the first consultation. From then on I was reassured and felt confident that the case would be handled with integrity and respect.

After meeting Curzon Green I was further content knowing that a very experienced, knowledgeable and articulate professional was handling my mother's personal injury case. I was particularly in awe of the way Curzon Green visited, understood and conversed with my mum and dealt with her medical ailments with genuine compassion, interest, accuracy and detail. Curzon Green's effective communication skills were demonstrated in light of my mother's english not being of a professional standard. Of the 6 law firms that I have dealt with to date Curzon Green has been the best so far and I would highly recommend them."
Personal Assistant to a Director of a FTSE 100 company

"Not only have you provided first class professional advice to me but at the same time you have added the human touch and have been so caring and understanding. This made such an enormous difference and helped me through very difficult times. Once again a big thank you and it has been a pleasure being a client"
Executive Director and Shareholder, FTSE 100 company

"No thanks required [for recommending a new client].  I only recommend you because you're good.  Lunch, soon?"
Managing Director, Fashion and Luxury Retail Recruitment Business

"We will always use you from now on for employment issues"
Managing Director, Recruitment Marketing and Website Design Company

"She was absolutely excellent with the client and his supportive family and combined infectious enthusiasm for the case with strategic good sense and judgment well beyond her years post qualification"
Leading Employment QC

"Jennifer Sole is the (wo)man for this job! Boutique firm based in London and she has helped a number of my friends.  Very good and reliable"
Legal Counsel, Transport Infrastructure

"You have been nothing short of amazing over the past 15 months.  I would have never had the courage to pursue this were it not for your unending support, hard work, and conviction...  You were the one who made it all happen"
Investment Banker claiming discrimination in the City

"Thank you all for your help and assistance, it was a pleasure dealing with you. I will be referring your services to friends, family and colleagues."
Property Law client

"From the start, the service I received from both Corinne Smith and Jennifer Sole was excellent. I always felt I was in very capable and professional hands. They negotiated an extension of the free rental period for my commercial lease by a month without being asked, which was very proactive and helped a lot. I will definitely be using Curzon Green again."
Local Business Owner  

“Thanks Sukhi Bagha for enabling the sale to go through so quickly and so efficiently.  Having bought and sold several properties in the UK, I can honestly say that you have proved to be the most effective conveyancing professional we've dealt with”. 
Property Law clients

"You have helped me enormously in making me more aware of the law and my situation; for that a very big thank you. I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends who find themselves in a similar situation".
Family Law client

"A time in our life when all was going wrong and was further spiralling downwards. Rob and Lee at Curzon Green came to our aid on 1 case then moving to 4 simultaneous cases. Took them all on without hesitation and acquired exceptional & phenomenal results on all.  4 for 4 - truly inspiring success! Beyond pleased. Great superb team, caring, compassionate, honest and knowledgeable and totally professional.  Will always remember, reach them and recommend only Curzon Green!"
Mr Boota
Dispute Resolution Client of Rob Green and Lee Silk

"I was very happy with the quickness and professionalism of your services. I can only recommend you to anyone who needs employment legal advice".
Employment Law client of Lauren McLaughlin

"I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice, support and expertise during the process. Your calm, measured and objective approach really helped keep me calm and confident that I was making the right decisions. No one wants their employment to end like this, but it is nice to walk away on my own terms, with some security". 
Employment Law client of Jessica Bass

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