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Congratulations to Jessie Mark who today will be added to the roll of solcitors. Jessie has spent most of her trainiing contract working within the dispute resolution and employment law teams, and it is envisaged this will continue on in the near future.

We are pleased that we are still able to expand during these tough times, and that Louise Pitt has joined us. Louise will be working as a Private Client Lawyer working predominantly in our High Wycombe office.

On 19 February 2020, the Government published a policy statement introducing an Immigration Bill to bring a "firm and fair points-based system that will attract the high-skilled workers we need to contribute to our economy".

The key changes for employers to note are as follows:

1. Employers who are not currently approved by the Home Office to be a sponsor should consider doing so if they think they will want to sponsor skilled migrants, including from the EU, from early 2021.

2. In order to be sponsored, the worker will need to be able to speak English and will need to obtain prior approval to come to the UK under the route.

3. Sponsored workers will need to be skilled to at least Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Level 3 (which roughly equates to A-levels). Currently, the worker must be skilled to degree-level (RQF 6).

4. Sponsored workers will need to have a salary of at least £25,600 per annum. Currently, the threshold is £30,000. If, however the role is an occupation listed on the shortage occupation list, the salary may be between £20,480 - £25,600.

5. There will be no resident labour market test and monthly restrictions on numbers will be 'suspended'.

6. Employers should also take into consideration the costs of visa fees, Immigration Skills Charges and the Immigration Health Surcharge.

To find out how you can prepare your business for the new change, call one of the telephone numbers at the top of this page to speak to one of our experienced law practitioners.

Curzon Green's specialist bed bug team achieved another successful result for their clients, this time in a landlord and tenant matter. After our clients moved into a rented property in January 2016, it soon became apparent that there was a serious bed bug infestation. Our clients suffered from numerous bites causing severe physical and psychological symptoms. They had to end the tenancy after less than two months.

After being passed the case from another firm of solicitors in 2017, Curzon Green pursued a claim against the commercial landlord of the property. The defendant denied liability throughout and did not make any offer of settlement, so it was necessary to issue proceedings. The claim eventually settled just four months before the final hearing date and shortly after service of our clients' expert report. The defendant accepted a carefully pitched Part 36 offer that our solicitors had made six months previously. The defendant will pay out just under £12,000 in damages, plus costs to be assessed if not agreed.
Steven and Victoria in our Dispute Resolution team recently secured a Possession Order for a landlord where the tenant was in arrears in excess of £5,000. Victoria successfully represented the landlord at the possession hearing and made submissions on our client's behalf. The tenant was ordered to vacate the property within 7 days, to repay the full amount of the accrued rent arrears in excess of £5,000 plus interest to our client and to repay our client's legal costs of bringing the proceedings.

ELA is an organisation dedicated to promoting the best practice of employment law and representing the interests of UK employment lawyers. The Curzon Green Employment Team are regularly involved in assisting with ELA consultations through "working parties", which are comprised of various professionals in the UK employment sector. These working parties analyse proposed legislation to consider its impact and ways it could be improved. These submissions are provided to the Government and other bodies for their consideration and are instrumental in shaping new legislation.

Jennifer has now secured a place on the prestigious Legislative and Policy Committee which plays a key part in monitoring developments in employment law and coordinating working parties. The L&P Committee is made up of 28 members who have contributed significantly to previous legislative work and have shown dedication to improving UK employment law. Jennifer's insightful involvement and experience in previous working parties has not gone unnoticed and her position in the Committee will ensure that ELA continues to provide submissions which strike an appropriate balance between the rights of employees and the rights of employers in the UK.

Congratulations Jennifer!

Jessica and Victoria in our employment team recently secured a favourable settlement agreement for one of our clients that had worked for a company for 19 years. The company attempted to unilaterally alter his role which effectively would result in demotion, thus a breach of contract.

We assisted our client in raising a grievance and directly engaged with the company in without prejudice communications and negotiated on our client's behalf with his employer in order to agree a mutually beneficial settlement agreement. Despite some hostility on the employer's part, Curzon Green managed to secure a favourable settlement to the employee, who provided the following feedback:

'When looking for an employment lawyer, I cannot over recommend Curzon Green! From start to finish they were fighting in your best interest. Everything was done promptly and accurately, which ultimately resulted in getting the outcome I wanted. A big thank you to Curzon Green, and specifically to Jessica and Victoria for all their hard work.'

The Employment Team in London have successfully defended a claim of race discrimination in the Employment Tribunal.

Acting for a high-end recruitment agency, the team initially secured strike out of the Claimant's claim for loss of earnings. The Claimant's claim for injury to feelings was subsequently unsucessful. The claim was dismissed in the whole by the Employment Judge after a 4-day hearing in the Tribunal, involving detailed evidence and submissions from both sides.

We are delighted to announce that we have signed the Women in Law Pledge, championed by the Law Society's diversity and inclusion team.

We will publish more information as we create and implement our action plan, as part of the pledge, and will update this on our website. Through this pledge we hope to celebrate our many successes in diversity and inclusion, and also use this action plan to identify and address any gaps to ensure we are properly meeting the pledge and our commitments.

Equality has always been a core value at Curzon Green and we aim to treat everyone equally and with the same attention, courtesy and respect irrespective of their disability, gender, marital status, race, racial group, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, religion or belief, sexual orientation, or age. We are fully committed to eliminating discrimination in the workplace and promoting equality and diversity in our practices, procedures and policies, and in all areas in which we have any influence.

Congratulations to Nicola Corby and Jasmine Doust who are about to commence their training contracts in order to qualify as solictors. Both of them are primarily based in our High Wycombe office.

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