Jennifer Sole, Partner in the Employment Team at Curzon Green, has been successfully appointed to the Legislative and Policy Committee of the Employment Lawyers Association (“ELA”)

ELA is an organisation dedicated to promoting the best practice of employment law and representing the interests of UK employment lawyers. The Curzon Green Employment Team are regularly involved in assisting with ELA consultations through “working parties”, which are comprised of various professionals in the UK employment sector. These working parties analyse proposed legislation to consider its impact and ways it could be improved. These submissions are provided to the Government and other bodies for their consideration and are instrumental in shaping new legislation.

Jennifer has now secured a place on the prestigious Legislative and Policy Committee which plays a key part in monitoring developments in employment law and coordinating working parties. The L&P Committee is made up of 28 members who have contributed significantly to previous legislative work and have shown dedication to improving UK employment law. Jennifer’s insightful involvement and experience in previous working parties has not gone unnoticed and her position in the Committee will ensure that ELA continues to provide submissions which strike an appropriate balance between the rights of employees and the rights of employers in the UK.

Congratulations Jennifer!