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If you have an employment dispute at work, two options are available to you:

1. Informal Resolution
Attempt to raise and deal with the issue informally and promptly with your employer at work, if appropriate.

2. Formal Resolution
If a solution cannot be found informally or would not be appropriate, raise a formal grievance following the workplace grievance procedure.
You should follow the formal grievance procedure before making an Employment Tribunal claim, as the Tribunal may reduce any compensation they award you for not raising a formal grievance first.
You should however, remain aware of the Employment Tribunal time limits for bringing a claim.


Workplace Grievance Procedure
You should inform your employer of your grievance in writing. Your employer should then carry out the necessary investigations and arrange a meeting with you to discuss the grievance, normally within 7 days. Your employer should offer you the opportunity to be accompanied at the meeting by a fellow employee or a workplace trade union representative.
At the grievance meeting, appropriate action should be decided on. Your employer should allow you to appeal against any formal decision made. If you are dissatisfied with the decision, then you should appeal. Appeals should be dealt with impartially and heard without unreasonable delay. The outcome of the appeal should be communicated to you in writing. If you are unsatisfied with the appeal, you should consider making an Employment Tribunal claim.

Pre-Hearing Procedure
To bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal, you first need to notify and apply to ACAS for Early Conciliation. This needs to be done within three months less one day of the latest incident. Once you apply for Early Conciliation, the clock is ‘paused’. This pause can be for up to one calendar month, plus a further 14 days if more time is needed.


Early Conciliation might be successful, in which case you don’t need to bring an Employment Tribunal claim.


If Early Conciliation is not successful then ACAS will issue with you a certificate. Be aware of the time limits for bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal, because this will be dependent on how long you had left to make a claim when you applied to ACAS for Early Conciliation.


Make a claim to the Employment Tribunal on form ET1. The Tribunal will send this to your employer.


The employer responds on form ET3. This is sent to the Tribunal, who will then send it to you.


The Tribunal will consider the matter. Usually a Preliminary Hearing will be held where the Judge might invite you to attend judicial mediation and will make a variety of directions and orders including disclosure of documents and witness statements.

The Tribunal will consider the matter. Usually a Preliminary Hearing will be held where the Judge might invite you to attend judicial mediation and will make a variety of directions and orders including disclosure of documents and witness statements.


The Tribunal will consider the matter. Usually a Preliminary Hearing will be held where the Judge might invite you to attend judicial mediation and will make a variety of directions and orders including disclosure of documents and witness statements.


Tribunal Hearing.



I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice, support and expertise during the process.

Your calm, measured and objective approach really helped keep me calm and confident that I was making the right decisions.

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"From the start, the service I received from both Corinne and Jennifer was excellent. I always felt I was in very capable and professional hands. They negotiated an extension of the free rental period for my commercial lease by a month without being asked, which was very proactive and helped a lot. I will definitely be using Curzon Green again."

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Thank you so very much for your help, advice and support through what has been a very unpleasant time. Knowing that you were ‘looking after us’, was an immense help.

My only regret is not contacting you sooner.

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You have been nothing short of amazing over the past 15 months. I would have never had the courage to pursue this were it not for your unending support, hard work, and conviction... You were the one who made it all happen.

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Jennifer Sole is the (wo)man for this job! Boutique firm based in London and she has helped a number of my friends. Very good and reliable.

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I came to Rob Green having suffered a serious permanent spinal injury. This injury arose from circumstances where I had to make a claim for damages against a driver who had caused a car accident, the medical specialists who treated me and also a personal accident insurer (which was refusing to pay out on a life assurance policy).

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Mr F, High Wycombe

Curzon Green is a relatively new company but ECS has the confidence to say that they will have a long and prosperous future, if they continue to provide to their clients the same level of service that ECS has received.

Mick Whyte
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