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We offer 2 methods of funding our debt recovery service and will be able to advise which of our debt recovery services is most suitable for your individual situation.

1. No Win, No Fee Debt Recovery

It may be appropriate to look to recover the debt on a no win, no fee basis. However, proceeding with a no win, no fee agreement is to be determined on the specific circumstances regarding the debt (or debts) owed and the debtor (or debtors).

2. Fixed Fee Debt Recovery

Our fixed fee debt recovery service is both cost-effective and efficient. Under this arrangement, we provide a fixed fee based on the value of the debt you are seeking to recover. The debt recovery process occurs in 3 distinct stages. A fixed fee exists for each stage, starting at just £55 + VAT. The stages are as follows:

Stage 1: We will provide a solicitor's letter to your debtor to threaten county court or insolvency proceedings,
Stage 2: We will issue a county court claim or statutory demand against your debtor
Stage 3: At this stage enforcement action will be taken by way of enforcing any Judgment obtained or progressing insolvency proceedings.

Anyone wishing to proceed with a claim should note that:
- The VAT element of our fee may not be recoverable from your debtor if you can recover it through your VAT returns.
- Interest and compensation may take the debt into a higher banding, with a higher cost.

Stage 1

At this stage, one of our experienced debt recovery lawyers will write to your debtor demanding immediate payment of the debt owed to you, warning your debtor that county court or insolvency proceedings will consequently be advanced if they do not provide payment. If the debtor has not aknowledged the solicitor's letter, and you have not received payment within 7 days, your designated solicitor will call the debtor to affirm the letter and demand immediate payment.

The fixed-fee bands for stage 1 are as follows:
Debt Owed Our Fee
< £1,000 £125 + VAT
£1,000 - £10,000 £200+ VAT
£10,000 and over £250 + VAT

Compensation Recovery

The late payment of a debt you are owed entitles you to recover compensation from the debtor, under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. At Curzon Green, we will not only seek to recover the debt owed to you by the debtor but also the recovery of compensation for the delay in paying any outstanding debts by the debtor. It is important to note that such can only be recovered where the debtor is a business. The amount of recoverable compensation is determined by the amount you are owed and the quantity of outstanding debts. 

Upon successful recovery of compensation which exceeds the legal fees payable to Curzon Green for our debt recovery service, the compensation recovered will be the amount of your legal fees. If the compensation recovered does not meet your legal fees entirely, you will be required to pay the remaining amount.

Stage 2

At this stage, following no payment being made to you by your debtor, it will be necessary to issue a county court claim or statutory demand against your debtor.

Under our fixed fee debt recovery service, we will issue a county court claim against the debtor. The debtor will be notified by the court that action has been taken against them and that they must respond to the court or settle the debt within 14 days. Failure to respond to the court or settle the claim will result in our request to the court that a Judgment be entered against the debtor.  At this stage, the debtor will receive a letter informing them of a court judgment and demanding that the outstanding debt be paid immediately to avoid enforcement action.

It may also be possible, at this stage, to recover court fees and a fixed amount towards your legal costs as well as potentially recovering compensation from the debtor. The amounts recoverable are specified in the table below. If a judgment is made against the debtor and the debt is consequently neither settled or disputed, we will discuss with you the best course of enforcement action to take, advancing your debt recovery claim to stage 3, commencing enforcement action through formal legal proceedings.

Debt Owed Our Fee Court Fee Recoverable from Debtor (Court Fee + Fixed Costs)
<£1,000 £110 + VAT £25 - £60 £75 - £130
£1,000 - £10,000 £175 + VAT £70 - £410 £150 - £510
£10,000 - £100,000 £275 + VAT 5% of claim value Court Fee + £100
£100,000 - £200,000 £350 + VAT 5% of claim value Court Fee +100


Curzon Green can issue a statutorty demand to the debtor threatening formal insolvency proceedings should the debtor fail to make payment. For proceedings against a company, an application would be made to the court for the company to be wound up. For proceedings brought  against an individual, we will petition for their bankruptcy. This option is only available where a debt owed by a company exceeds £750, and a debt owed by an individual exceeds £5,000.

The cost of issuing a statutory demand is determined by the amount you are owed (see below). Our fee is fixed and no commission is payable upon the amount recovered. If the debtor  ignores the statutory demand or fails to settle the debt within 21 days, we will discuss with you the potential commencement of insolvency proceedings and offer an estimate of costs. 

Debt Owed Our Fee
£750 - £10,000 £250 + VAT*
£10,000 and over £300 + VAT*
*If the debtor is an individual, a third party will be instructed to serve the demand (at a cost of £60-£99)

Stage 3

At this stage, following a lack of compliance from the debtor at stages 1 and 2, we will commence enforcement proceedings. This usually requires instructing a HIgh Court Enforcement Officer (Bailiff), who will seize personal property owned by the debtor, intending to sell them should the debtor fail to make payment. Alternatively, we can apply for a charge against any property owned by the debtor, thus securing your interest, which would enable you to seek payment of your debt from the proceeds of sale when the property is sold. Once a charge exists, you may consider applying to court for an order that the property is sold.

There are several alternative enforcement methods about which your debt recovery lawyer will advise you to ensure the most appropriate and cost effective method is advanced. If further information about the debtor's financial circumstances is required, you can apply to the court for an order that the debtor attends for questioning. Our fees and other fees associated with different enforcement action are detailed below.

Enforcement Action Our Fee Court Fee
Application for order that the debtor attends court for questioning  £100 + VAT Court fee of £55 + process server's fee (£60 - £99 approximately)
Application for Writ of control - High Court Bailiff (where debt exceeds £600) £100 + VAT If unsuccessful: £66 Court fee  (Court + bailiff's fee recoverable from debtor)
Application for an Attachment of Earnings order £100 + VAT Court fee of £110
Application for Third Party Debt Order £100 + VAT Court fee of £110
Representation at court - estimated at £300
Application for Charging Order on Debtor's Property Charged based on an hourly rate basis (we will provide an estimate based on the circumstances of the debt owed) Court fee of £110
Land Registry fee of £40
Representation at court -estimated at £300

Finally, we caution again that normally a debt has not been paid because (1) it is disputed, or (2) the debtor is struggling to pay. We therefore generally advise that all the circumstances be considered before commencing a form of debt recovery to anticipate whether it is likely to lead to litigation or an insolvency procedure. Our team will provide a no obligation free discussion.


I had never instructed a solicitor before I approached Curzon Green, and I feel I was very lucky to have the support of Steven Organ. Throughout a challenging process, I was consistently impressed by and grateful for Steven’s prompt and efficient replies, his willingness to explain terms clearly, his professional but friendly manner, and his active engagement with my case. I could always rely on Steven to get back to me quickly with full and detailed advice, and when he was unable to do so, he ensured that partner Lee Silk would work on my behalf in his absence. Steven’s approach is pragmatic and open to the unpredictable possibilities of a legal negotiation; he struck a perfect balance between accepting my decisions and offering guidance. His willingness to set a cap on costs at each stage was also very much appreciated. I recommend him highly.

Dispute Resolution Client

Thank you for your great work recently.
Swift responses, good strategy, adept working and great results from poor starting positions.
Much appreciated.

Andrew, a client of Jessica Bass and Jessie Mark

Thanks for your great work on this, I really have enjoyed working with you. There are times when you hear my frustration, because I am not used to these sort of scenarios. However you give me comfort in knowing you are on my side, stay calm, we will get there!
Thank you for helping me get to this conclusion, hopefully it will go in the drawer and life will move on.

Outgoing director and shareholder

When looking for an employment lawyer, I cannot over recommend Curzon Green! From start to finish they were extremely professional and understanding with a human touch. Nothing was too much trouble, and with an eye on the detail, you definitely felt that they were fighting in your best interest. Everything was done promptly and accurately, which ultimately resulted in getting the outcome I wanted. A big big thank you to Curzon Green, and specifically to Jessica and Victoria for all their hard work.

Employment client

After the untimely death of my Aunt, Curzon Green firm helped me with all probate issues. During my period of grieving I felt very comfortable with my attorney Sukhi Bagha and her colleague Edward Richings. Upon retaining their services we did not know what to expect from attorneys in the UK since we live in the United States. However, they made a detailed itemized list of services and took us step by steps through the entire probate process. Curzon Green put my mind at ease and made me feel confident that they will secure my Aunt's Estate. Ms Bagha and Mr Richings were professional, had thorough knowledge of the UK probate process, and was able to successfully secure the estate. We would highly recommend Curzon Green.

Pauline Aleibar

I just wanted to say thank you for all your advice, support and expertise during the process.

Your calm, measured and objective approach really helped keep me calm and confident that I was making the right decisions.

No one wants their employment to end like this, but its nice to walk away on my own terms, with some security.

Employment Client of Jessica Bass

I was very happy with the quickness and professionalism of your services. I can only recommend you to anyone who needs employment legal advice.

Employment Law Client of Lauren McLaughlin

"You have helped me enormously in making me more aware of the law and my situation; for that a very big thank you. I will certainly recommend you to any of my friends who find themselves in a similar situation".

Family Law client

“Thanks [Sukhi Bagha] for enabling the sale to go through so quickly and so efficiently. Having bought and sold several properties in the UK, I can honestly say that you have proved to be the most effective conveyancing professional we've dealt with”.

Property Law clients

"From the start, the service I received from both Corinne and Jennifer was excellent. I always felt I was in very capable and professional hands. They negotiated an extension of the free rental period for my commercial lease by a month without being asked, which was very proactive and helped a lot. I will definitely be using Curzon Green again."

Local business owner

Thank you so very much for your help, advice and support through what has been a very unpleasant time. Knowing that you were ‘looking after us’, was an immense help.

My only regret is not contacting you sooner.

Independent local charity

You have been nothing short of amazing over the past 15 months. I would have never had the courage to pursue this were it not for your unending support, hard work, and conviction... You were the one who made it all happen.

Investment Banker claiming discrimination in the City

Jennifer Sole is the (wo)man for this job! Boutique firm based in London and she has helped a number of my friends. Very good and reliable.

Legal Counsel
Transport Infrastructure

She was absolutely excellent with the client and his supportive family and combined infectious enthusiasm for the case with strategic good sense and judgment well beyond her years post qualification.

Leading Employment QC

We will always use you from now on for employment issues.

Managing Director
Recruitment Marketing and Website Design Company

No thanks required [for recommending a new client]. I only recommend you because you're good. Lunch, soon?

Managing Director
Fashion and Luxury Retail Recruitment Business

Not only have you provided first class professional advice to me but at the same time you have added the human touch and have been so caring and understanding. This made such an enormous difference and helped me through very difficult times. Once again a big thank you and it has been a pleasure being a client.

Executive Director and Shareholder
FTSE 100 company

You have been fab!

Vice President, UK & Europe
Household Name Restaurant

Thanks, as always for your sound timely advice.

Senior Legal Counsel
US Company

I came to Rob Green having suffered a serious permanent spinal injury. This injury arose from circumstances where I had to make a claim for damages against a driver who had caused a car accident, the medical specialists who treated me and also a personal accident insurer (which was refusing to pay out on a life assurance policy).

Martin Scrivener
Former Car Mechanic

As a first time buyer I did not have a clue about the conveyancing process. My sister recommended me to Curzon Green Solicitors. Curzon Green acted as my solicitors for the purchase. They understood that I knew nothing about buying houses and so they talked and walked me step-by-step through the process.

Miss Bradley
Head of Girls' P.E. at Chesham Grammar School

From the start of my search for legal advice Curzon Green stood out from the competition. Their approach was fresh, open, jargon-free and without initial charges for the initial exploratory conversation. I was looking for a different, collaborative means to sort my divorce, and Curzon Green were well-qualified and experienced. Having engaged his services, he first explained the outline of the law in this area, and provided a clear structure of how to go forward to engage with my wife and her solicitor.

Mr F, High Wycombe

Curzon Green is a relatively new company but ECS has the confidence to say that they will have a long and prosperous future, if they continue to provide to their clients the same level of service that ECS has received.

Mick Whyte
ECS Groundwork Limited – Watford
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